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Chez L’etoile (The Star), shining moments are our forte. We live to eat…and eat to remember.

Pop in for a classic ‘je ne sais quoi’ cocktail at our friendly wine bar and you’ll feel so right at home in our charming Victorian terrace that a lovely cheese plate and divine wines are in order.

Then co-owner and celebrated 3-hatted executive chef Manu Feildel alongside his talented culinary team puts their stellar spin on heavenly modern French bistro classics like Silky Sausage of Scallops, Milk-fed Veal Cutlet and Ocean Trout Confit in Sorrel Butter Sauce. An ordinary night becomes so simply extraordinary, you wish upon a shooting star to try the cosy courtyard or Parisian footpath dining on your next celestial visit.

Discover ‘le vrai esprit’ of French food…with Manu at L’etoile.

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