All You Need To Know About Parental Alienation

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Separating and divorcing can be a hard time. Worse, if you have children, they can be used as weapons during the proceedings. And one thing that we have noticed during these proceedings, is that parental alienation happens. So what is this issue that arises? We spoke to Pentana Stanton, the best family and small business lawyers in Melbourne about this issue.

What Is Parental Alienation?

In its most basic terms, parental alienation is the process in which one parent bad-mouths and manipulates their children or child into fearing, disrespecting or hating the other parent. This process can be damaging for the child, the parent and the relationship between the two and therefore, is a serious issue to be managed and dealt with during the divorce.

Key Indicators of Parental Alienation:

What is considered parental alienation – and how can you tell what is what? There are a few key indicators which highlight when parental alienation has begun:

As you can see, the list of parental alienation can be large section. It can be very damaging for the child and the parent if this occurs or happens on a regular basis. But if you do feel or see any of this happening, here is what you should be doing:

What To Do With Parental Alienation?

You should immediately talk to the parent that is showcasing these attributes and warm them about their behaviour. When you are facing divorce, you should make the rules clear from the start that there should be no bad blood between the two of you, so you there are no issues going forward. This will help the situation and reduce the potential of any broken relationships between children and the parent. If you are struggling with parental alienation and need support, you can reach out to the best family law solicitors in Melbourne with Pentana Stanton. They can help you in any way possible so you get the best legal advice and support.

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