Can’t Decide To Renovate Or Move Out? Tips To Help You!

By on Nov 16, 2017 in House |

There are always big decisions in life. Have I found the right person to marry? Am I going to university or not? One of those big decisions involves your home – and it’s not the usual decision about the mortgage but rather if you want to continue with it or consult a leading demolition company’s services. Many homeowners are faced with one big dilemma during their years living in their home: should I move out or extend the property?

This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. We are talking about a huge decision that can impact your lifestyle, your finances, and your family. You should be taking your time and thinking about this decision before jumping to any conclusions. So how do you go about making this seemingly difficult struggle easier? We break it down for you:

Think About The Money You’ll Spend

Regardless if you move out or want to get house extensions in Melbourne, there is no question that you will end up spending plenty of money. It depends though, on how much you want to spend and what you want for it. With extensions, it will cost you serious money, but it won’t be as expensive as moving out, which includes selling your home, paying real estate agents and buying a new home. Look at the finances to see what works for you.

Consider About You Getting The Dream Home 

Sometimes your dream home is the one you have right now – you just don’t know it yet. But with extensions and renovations, you can get that home. Some work here and there and before you know it: dream home without the drama of moving. Although, if you do move, you can find the home you want, in the neighbourhood you want with the price you want. Ultimately, down to you.

You May Have To Adapt Your Lifestyle

Whether that means living in a house under construction, a hotel, a friend’s house or a home that requires a certain amount of moving into to be finished, you will have to adjust your lifestyle for a period of time, especially if you just had the house demolished, for a quick service we recommend VW Demolitions, get in touch today. That can be fine by yourself, but it can be a struggle with a family. Plus, it will cost you more, so you will have to add this into the financial equation.

Dealing With The Hassle

Remember that regardless of your choice, you will be dealing with a lot on your plate. Although, there is more of a hassle when it comes to moving out than extending your property. This could take months of dealing with agents and homeowners, while extensions mean only dealing with councils and developers. For a stressless approach, go for the extensions.

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