Tips For Ordering Dishes In Indian Restaurants

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Indian food is quite famous throughout the world. It involves using spices and herbs from India as well as its neighboring places. A variety of fruits and vegetables are also used for making Indian dishes. While trying Indian cuisines, it is hence essential to have proper knowledge about the type of food you wish to order. While buying food from Indian restaurants, the following aspects may be considered:

Knowing what to eat

Different types of vegetables, marinated meat, sauces and spices are used for making Indian cuisines. Indian cuisines draw influence from various countries like England, Portugal, Persia, Portugal and China.  Few types of Indian foods include:


A majority of Indian appetizers consist of deep fried pastries which are usually eaten with raw vegetable salads and cream soups. They are also served with yogurt, chutney and sauces in order to balance out the spicy flavour. A very popular Indian appetizer is samosa which consists of spices and vegetables in dough. Pakora is another popular appetizer which consists of fried vegetables in dough.


Most Indian drinks have a sweet taste for complementing the spicy Indian food. A majority of people prefer to order sweet yogurt and lassi along with Indian cuisines. A sweet drink called panakam which is made from lime juice, ginger, sugar and water is also quite popular.

Main dishes

There are several types of Indian dishes which can be ordered in Indian restaurant in Melbourne city by Aagaman restaurant. Such restaurants offer both non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals. Many meat dishes can be converted into vegetable alternatives to meet the tastes of customers. Indian curries are quite popular. They are usually made from vegetables and meat soaked in coconut based marinade and yogurt. Most Indian dishes offered in restaurants consist of spinach, rice, chicken and lamb.


Milk based desserts which consist of fresh fruits and sugar. Most restaurants offering Indian food sweeten their ice-creams and puddings with various fruits like bananas, mangoes and pomegranates. Kheer is also a popular type of rice pudding which consists of cinnamon, cardamom and raisins.

Spicy food choices

People who like spicy foods prefer Indian restaurants. However, while ordering Indian food, it is advisable to exercise extreme caution. Some dishes may be very spicy and may hence not be suitable for some people. Indian breads and rice may also be ordered along with the Indian curries.

Indian food is becoming quite popular across the world. The creamy sauces, spices and flavours of Indian food give the food a distinct aroma and flavour. Indian restaurants are frequented by people who like spicy dishes, milk based items, sugar and vegetables. To know more about various types of Indian dishes, you may contact Aagaman restaurant.

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